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System Setup & Calibrations (RTA)

PA System / Sound System setups & calibrations.



 A sound system can be very inefficient if not setup and calibrated correctly.


A sound reinforcement system should be able to accurately reproduce a signal from its input, through any processing, to its output without any coloration or distortion. However, due to inconsistencies in venue sizes, shapes, building materials, speaker placement, and even crowd densities, this is not always possible without prior calibration of the system.




RTA System setups & Calibrations @

R2000 + Travel (AA Rates)




Installation & Maintenance Call - OUT


Call-Out  Fee @ R399,00/hour + travel (A.A. Rates) + Replacement parts & consumables




Call-out Fee @ R399 / hour + Travel (AA Rates), Replacement parts &  consumables.



Audio Consultations

Get expert advise from Sound Technicians who have worked on many different systems in various environments, who have learnt the hard way so you don't have to.


#   Ever wondered why your Sound System Sounds the Way it does ?

#   Battling to get the results you know the system is capable of ?

#   Fighting a loosing battle with acoustics ?

#   Want to know what gear to invest in, gear that suits your budget and application ?




Consultation Fee @ R399 / hour + Travel (AA Rates)



Workshops & Lectures

Audio Basic - Part 1

Audio Basic - Part 2


1 Year Part time - "Music Production" Course offered threw Progressive Music, Dance & Art School in conjunction with Sounds Right Studio.


Starting Price @ R1800 + (AA Rates) Max 15 People



Recording Studio / Record Label / Audio & Video Production House / Events & More ...